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What kind of stone do you use?
Almost all the stone is granite. Some marble is used.
Where does the stone come from?
Granite comes from various sites in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Africa, India and the biggest push now is from China.
  Does the cemetery have rules as to what kind of monument I can have?  
  Yes, each cemetery has their rules. We would be happy to call the cemetery of your choice to determine the size and specifications of the memorials allowed.  
  How is the memorial installed?  
  Cemeteries can have different requirements but most memorials have a concrete foundation underneath.  
  Can we submit designs of our own?  
  Yes, we do custom designs.  
  How long does it take to get a monument finished and installed?  
  In-stock memorials can be finished and installed in as little as two weeks. For custom memorials please allow 60 days.  
  How much does a memorial cost?  
  We would need all the details of what you want, to quote a price. The cost is directly related to the style and size of the memorial. Installation prices are fairly standard.  
  Can I get my memorial done as a rush job?  
  Rush jobs are only done on in-stock pieces.  
  Can I drop in to show you what I want?  
  We are available for appointments during the day, evenings and weekends. Please call first. Although we are always on the job, we are not always at the shop.  
1460 Imhoff Dr., Lake in the Hills, IL 60156