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            I am a third generation monument maker.       My grandfather, John Steven Warner was a     foreman and designer, stone cutter and   engraver, who came to Chicago in 1935 from St. Cloud, Minnesota. He was the founder of J. S. Warner & Sons Monument Company.  My father Claud (Chuck) Warner learned the trade from him.

I started as a cemetery engraver putting the final dates on companion memorials. After doing that for three years I opened my own engraving shop October 1, 1979. I became the primary engraver for J. S. Warner & Sons along with other monument companies in the area.

We called ourselves the unknown engravers because our work was on other company's memorials. I remained the engraver for J. S. Warner and Sons until they got out of the business in 1995. At that time I started my own full service monument company. I have 31 years of experience in the monument business.  
1460 Imhoff Dr., Lake in the Hills, IL 60156