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Granite is mined in the U.S. predominately in South Dakota, Vermont, and California with some still mined in Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas and Oklahoma. Over the last 10 years the Indian granites have become a large part of the trade. Most recently the Chinese granite, particularly their jet black have hit the market full scale.

The black is popular for diamond etching. We offer diamond etching at our shop and laser etching through the granite manufacturers.
  With the new cutting technology, the old days of the small shop cutting and sizing the stone are gone. The granite is ordered to size and color specification from the manufacturer and usually ships in 60 days or less. Standard sizes of granite which makes up 90% of the trade ship in 30 days or less. Special order foreign granite is available in less than 4 months.  

Jim still engraves the way his father taught him 35 years ago. The stone is covered with a rubber-like material called stencil. Letters and graphics are drawn on the stencil. The design and letter area panels are removed and the exposed area is sandblasted to remove the polish from the granite to create a lighter surface. The designs and letter panels are glued back in place and the outlines or detail of the letters and graphics are cut with a razor knife, then removed to expose the surface of the stone and sand blasted again.

A shadowing agent called "Litho" is painted into the blasted area of the letters and graphics to give the stone additional contrast or color.


The rubber stencil is removed and the glue is washed off the stone.

The rubber stencil gives our designs a much crisper, defined look. Browse our gallery to see examples of some of our memorials.

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