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Redwood signs are made much the same way as monuments. The wood is glued to create the overall size, then cut to shape. The wood is primed and painted and the rubber stencil is applied. The design and letters are hand drawn and cut with a knife. The background stencil is removed and the sign is sandblasted to expose the grain of the wood. The background is painted or stained and the stencil is removed from the letters and design. Additional paint is applied if needed.


Stone and Corian signs are created with the same process as the monuments depending on the effect desired.

These photos are examples of different substrate signs including redwood, corian, granite, boulders and river rock.

We create signs for corner stones, entrance ways, store, subdivisions, parks and communities, and individual businesses. Our installations can include masonry work if needed.

1460 Imhoff Dr., Lake in the Hills, IL 60156